Posted time 10-02-24 Location Utrecht Job type Freelance, Fulltime, Staffing

Only responses from candidates with a good knowledge of the Dutch and English language (spoken and written) will be considered!

Start: 01-03-2024
End: 28-02-2025
Hours: 36 hours/week (24*7)
Location: Utrecht
Salary: in consultation
Deadline: 11-03-2024

TopHeadHunting is looking for a Support & Service Employee for an international financial organization.

You and your job

that with your analysis, adequate action, monitoring knowledge and security knowledge you ensure that all those thousands of customers worldwide can continue to use our services undisturbed. Even when a sudden disturbance occurs. You are part of the department that is, on a 24/7 basis, responsible for:

  • Monitoring the IT infrastructure.
  • Being in control of major disturbances.
  • The first analysis on security event incidents, spam, phishing and malware.
  • The investigation of potential malicious websites and taking down phishing websites.
  • The granting of high authority for Swift, Linux and z/OS.
  • The granting of both physical and virtual access for engineers to the data centers.

You are responsible for early detection of (possible) disruptions and to respond adequately. By doing analyses in the event of an upcoming disruption or a possible security issue, you can ensure that the right party is informed as quickly as possible to offer the structural solution. Speed and completeness are crucial. Of course we use various high-quality tooling for this such as Splunk, Dynatrace, OMI, Sentinel, Zscaler and Microsoft Defender. All of this is done in small teams that work together in a “Lean” way.

Real life examples

  • You are in the office, doing the daily activities of a control room analyst. Suddenly u notice an anomaly on one of the monitoring dashboards. The successful transactions for IDEAL have dropped to 0%. Because of your analytical skills, you noticed that the incoming traffic on one server has collapsed and the backup server cannot handle the extra load. You inform the IDEAL engineer of your findings and he is able to solve the problem quickly. Since you managed to reduce the search area for the engineer, the disturbance was solved quickly and long downtime was prevented.
  • An alert comes in for a malware infection on an employee’s laptop. You start your investigation and determine that the laptop is indeed affected with malware. Because of your deep analysis you were able to determine what caused the infection and how far it has spread within the organization. You deliver your findings to a security specialist who is able to take prompt action to prevent further spread of the malware.

Facts & Figures

  • 36 hours per week.
  • Approx. 44,000 colleagues around the world.
  • Personal development is key within the Control Room together with the team, but also on an individual basis we work on continuous growth. In 2022, this has resulted in the internal promotion of four colleagues to a position of Business analyst, Scrum master and Security analyst (2x).

Top 3 responsibilities

  • Make sure that customers worldwide can continue to use our services.
  • Focus on continuous improvement of the service through process optimization and/or automation, with the aim of faster detection of disruptions.
  • Inform the parties who can offer a solution in case of a disruption in the IT infrastructure or a security event (In case you cannot offer the solution yourself).

Together we achieve more than alone
We believe in the power of difference. Bringing together people’s differences is what makes us an even better bank. So we are very curious about what you can bring to our team at Control Room EU.

Collaboration is the most important thing you do: with your team and within the department to learn from each other and to guarantee the services of the bank. Whether it concerns critical systems that are needed worldwide for our services or it concerns a quick response in the context of security threats such as DDOS attacks. Together with your colleagues, you ensure that the right actions are carried out. At the Control Room Europe you work in the central heart of the organization. Because you can determine that “anomalies” are taking place, you know how to prevent worse at an early stage. Working together also means that we continuously improve and that you also have an active contribution to this.

The 22 people in our team are working together to make sure that customers worldwide can use the services of the bank 24*7. Working together is the way we work; as a single focused and analytical team. We are a Dutch bank that operates in 38 countries for over 9,5000,000 customers. Together with these customers, our members and partners we stand side by side to create a world in which everyone has access to enough healthy food. In the Netherlands we work to create a country in which people are happy with how they live, work and do business.

You and your talent

  • Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer Science
  • Fluent in Dutch and English
  • Continuous improvement is your basic mindset, which is strongly focused on automating work in- and around the team
  • Eager to learn
  • Analytical skills
  • Customer-oriented
  • Agility
  • Judgement & decision-making
  • Ownership
  • Collaborating
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